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Short-run, cut-to-any-shape stickers, labels, decals and lettering

No shape and size restrictions.


Why be restricted to standard size shape stickers? Now you can create your own layouts,

Perfect solution for:


  • Prototypes
  • Testing design options
  • Short-run labels and decals
  • Wall lettering
  • Wall decals


and many more applications where large qualities are not required.


Great value and flexibility.


  • No size or shape restrictions.
    Print and cut anything your want! One price for all the decals you can fit in the template areas.

  • Super-easy to setup and order.
    Just add your cut lines on a separate layer above your artwork.

  • Accurate contour cutting.
    As accurate as 1/32" contour cutting. Can also cut lettering as small as 16 point (some limitations apply).

  • Professional materials.
    Permanent and waterproof 3M matte vinyl to 6mill removable or re-positionable vinyl.

  • Next day service
    Place your order before noon (Pacific) Mon-Fri, and your order will be ready the next business day.

Simplified process

1. Layout your sticker designs on the template...

2. ... add your cut lines on a separate layer

3. ... and we cut the stickers to the exact shape.


Download a layout template

How to setup your Illustrator files for printing and cutting.


  1. Download one of the Adobe Illustrator templates provided on this page.

  2. Do not modify this template, the art board or the crop marks. Do not unlock, re-arrange or modify the locked layers.- Everything you place within the dotted line area will be printed and cut according to the cut lines you add to the “CUT LINES” layer.

  3. You can use as many layers as needed for your artwork but only one layer for the cut lines.

  4. It is best that cut lines do not intersect with each other or the red dotted line.

  5. Allow approximately a 1/32” bleed outside the entire cut line. Solid color lettering does not need a bleed.
  6. When finished, save the document as a native Illustrator file (.ai).
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