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Giclee Printmaking & fine art reproductions

Giclee printmaking for artiistsFor Traditional and Digital Artists

We offer full service fine art Giclee printing for artists who need to create gallery-ready reproductions of original artwork or need to reproduce and sell fine art originals from digitally captured art and digital photography.

Our goal is to help you through the art reproduction process and to make sure that the final results are professional, beautiful and market-ready.

Giclee printmaking for protographersFine Art/Commercial Photographers

As a fine art and/or commercial photographer you will find our Giclee and large format printing services very satisfying and accommodating to your professional needs.


Whether you shoot in color or black and white you will be impressed with our attention to detail and our ability to deliver a product that meets your expectations.

Artwork Scanning

A great digital fine art reproduction requires an equally great digital file to start with.


Betterlight 6000HSOur Betterlight 6000HS digital camera back delivers outstanding image and color quality captures with file resolutions up to 274 MB in 16 bit RGB color.


This digital setup successfully eliminates the need for shooting and drum scanning traditional 4x5 film. The process allows for excellent color fidelity and color control at printing time.


Best of all, if we photograph and print your artwork we’ll be responsible for the quality of your art reproductions and make sure your expectations will be exceeded!

Block Mounting

Block mounting

As an affordable alternative to traditional framing, it makes it easy for your art reproductions and photography to sell because your customers don’t have to go through the extra step and expense of framing.

It is artwork ready to hang and enjoy!

Block mounting offers a UV protective surface. Dust and moisture wipe right off and the non glare surface makes images easier to see from any angle.


  • Affordable
  • Great for public spaces
  • Easy to ship
  • Protects like glass without breakage
  • Safe in kids rooms
  • Non glare
  • UV protection
  • Washable surface
  • Looks GREAT!


Block Mounting Options


Float mounting

This is a great solution for a clean, corporate look. 5/8 thick and raised from the wall an additional 5/8 inch, which casts a nice shadow for a refined presentation.

Ideal for mid-sized to large prints.

Gallery float mount


Plaque mount and block mounting

Plaque mount is our most affordable yet elegant solution. 5/8 inch thick size is suitable for small to medium size prints.
For a bolder look, you can try our 1 inch block mount solution for medium to large size prints.


Plaque and Box mount

Our Process


How do we make Giclee prints?


In our Giclee printing process we use Epson 9900, 7900 and 4900 printers. The Epson models use the UltraChrome HDR color ink system to render images. Because it prints up to 2880x1440 dots per inch, it has no visible dot pattern. The produced images maintain all the tonalities and hues of the original file.



Type of inks do we used


We use the industry-standard Epson UltraChrome HDR inks. Epson’s UltraChrome inks are one of the most important advances made in printing, achieving superb color expression.

The ink is formulated to be resistant to UV light and is rated to remain true for at least 30 years although, depending on the paper used, some claim it can last over 75 years.

To learn more about the properties of the inks and the process in general, visit Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. ( who conduct research on the stability and preservation of traditional and digital color photographs.


Papers and canvas we use for Giclee prints


We continuously experiment with new papers and canvases. We presently use mostly the Breathing Color Elegance Textured and the Brilliance 100% cotton canvas. The Elegance Textured is very popular because it offers a nice texture with good shadow detail and a nice feel. The Brilliance canvas is matte and has a natural texture and weave and it is made from 100% cotton fabric.

The Sienna 10mil photo satin paper is a heavy and durable photo-base paper suitable for high quality photographic enlargements.


Competitive Pricing

We understand the importance of good pricing to artists who are interested in reselling their artwork. Our pricing is balanced between the level of quality product we provide and the budget challenges our clients are facing in a competitive market. Below is a price and size chart for prints on fine art papers. We charge by the sheet rather than per square foot. You can have your artwork fit the whole sheet or you can compose multiple pieces within one sheet.

Instant estimate

Some restrictions may apply based on availability of paper sizes. Please call to confirm.

Order now

How to setup your files for better color communication


Color correction and file adjustment process.


All files are printed as sent. We do not make any corrections to your files unless you have included the GretagMcBeth color chart in your image as described below. We provide you with a free initial color test so you can see the quality of your files and to make all necessary adjustments prior to placing your final order. If you don’t know or have the tools to make corrections to your images you can ask us to use our own judgment for best color.


If you are a photographer with access to the GretagMcBeth color chart:


We have developed a color balancing system (see example below) that allows us to produce a close color match without having access to your original artwork.

GretagMcBeth color chartThis process requires that the files we receive from you include the GretagMcBeth color chart in the image or that the chart is shot separately and under identical circumstances. The process produces an accurate reproduction of the chart, dramatically enhancing the color accuracy of the reproduced artwork. It is important that you don’t convert your images to a profile other than image’s native profile. Feel free to call if you have further questions regarding this process.


If your artwork is going to be photographed by a professional:


If your art piece is going to be photographed by a professional photographer ask them to include the GretagMcBeth color chart in their images or shoot the chart separately and under an identical light setting. Including the photographed chart with your order will greatly increase the color accuracy of your Giclee reproduction.


If your artwork has already been photographed:


If your artwork has been already photographed and if you are familiar with color profiles, we recommend that you apply the Adobe RGB 1998 color profile to your images before you send them to us.

Applying that profile to your file will help us have better control over the color range of your image files and produce predictable results.

If you are not familiar with color profiles just leave your files as they are and we will print your images using our default settings. If we see any potential problems with your files prior to printing we will contact you, discuss your options and offer possible solutions.


Sizing your images:


Size your files for their intended final printed size and at 300 DPI. If you need white border around your artwork you need to make it part of your image. White space is considered part of the image. If your images do not match the sizes you requested when you placed the order, we will size them for you. If their proportions don’t match we will call you.


If you need photo-quality enlargements:


If you are interested in output to photo-quality enlargements submit your images in RGB color. We print these files on our HP DesignJet Z6100 with UV inks at 1200 DPIU. The printer is capable of enlarging small images to usable sizes impossible to achieve by simply interpolating a file in Photoshop. Call us for details.


File formats:


We accept files in Tiff, Jpeg, PNG, PSD and PDF files.

We always try to offer you the best possible product. Please take advantage of our proofing process before you order your final print.

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Framed rolled posters

Another alternative to mounting is to have your prints framed. Pre-made inexpensive frames are available in many places such as Aaron Brothers and Ikea. However, because pre-made frames come in limited sizes it is important that your poster is the right size. We suggest that you purchase the frames before your order the prints.

We accept all cards

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