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Wall stickers and removable decals

Permanent and removable stickers for decor or marketing applications

How to order your wall stickers and removable decals

  1. Select a sticker size
    Select a sticker size that is as close to your artwork as possible. We will print your files at their correct size. If your file's dimensions are larger than the size you selected, it may delay processing your order. If you are ordering prints of different sizes, select a size for the first print, click on Add to Bag, and then keep adding different sizes to your order. 
  2. Lamination
    Please choose the type of laminate that is suitable for your application. 

    No Lamination: 
    The surface of the decals is durable and waterproof. Under normal use there is no need to laminate.

    Use this laminate to protect your removable decals in areas of high traffic on if the decals needs to be washed. Use only cold water and soap to clean the surface.

    Use this laminate if you want to be able to write on the surface with dry-erase markers.  
  3. Upload Files
    We accept almost any image format and PDF files. Do not add crop marks or bleeds to your file. RGB color only. At 100% of the intended print size, set the DPI to no less than 150 and no more than 300.
  4. Notes / Requests
    Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or have any special requests. 
  5. Quantity
    Enter the total number of decals you want to order. For example, if you upload one file and need three copies, enter 3. Likewise, if you upload three files and want one copy each, enter 3. If you want to order various quantities and sizes, click on "Add to Bag" and then on "Add More." When finished, click on "Go to Checkout" to review and pay for your order.

Applying the removable decals to the wall.

You can apply the decals to the wall on your own but we recommend two people. DO NOT REMOVE THE WHOLE LINER FROM THE BACK OF THE DECAL. Start by attaching the shortest part of the decal to the wall and slowly unroll the decal while evenly pressing it down with your hand. If you see a bubble, lift it up, and continue. 

How to clean the surface of your removable decals.

If you have not laminated your removable sticker use moist toilet paper to gently clean the surface. Do not use solvent cleaners. If you ordered GlareGuard lamination, use cold water and soap. If you ordered Dry-Erase lamination, use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water.