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Mounted Posters

Posters mounted on rigid boards. Foam board, Gator board, Eco-Friendly Faclon board, Sintra, diBond and more. 

How to order your mounted poster

  1. Select a print size
    Select a poster size that is as close to your artwork as possible. We will print your files at their correct size. If your file's dimensions are larger than the size you selected, it may delay processing your order. If you are ordering prints of different sizes, select a size for the first print, click on Add to Bag, and then keep adding different sizes to your order. 
  2. Board Type
    Please choose the type of board that is suitable for your application. 

    3/16" FoamCore: 
    PROS: Inexpensive, a good solution for short-term use like directional signs or promotions.
    CONS: Lightweight and easy to damage. It will warp under certain conditions. Lamination not recommended. Not suitable for shipping.

    3mm Sintra:
    PROS: Mid-range cost. Very durable PVC. If dropped it will not be easily damaged. Suitable for shipping. A good solution for all types of applications, from indoor/outdoor signage to artwork. Great for 48x36" tabletop trifold displays. It can be nailed or pinned to a wall without splitting.
    CONS: Floppy at large sizes. If you are going to display it on an easel, we recommend that you do not exceed 24x36 inches. 

    Gator Board:
    PROS: A very rigid and a more robust version of FoamCore. It resists warping at smaller sizes. Suitable for long-term indoor display solutions. It can be laminated without distorting.
    CONS: More expensive than foam. If dropped hard, it will break. Not suitable for shipping. 

    Falcon Board:
    Eco-friendly solution. Very rigid board. Good for indoor signage and free-standing graphics. It can be recycled. Will not warp easily. It can be laminated if needed.
    CONS: Corrugated edge that may not be suitable for some professional displays. Kraft color back. Not suitable for shipping. 

    Super-durable and robust. It has a thin exterior aluminum outer layer with a solid PCV core. Performance offsets the added cost. A perfect long-term solution for primarily outdoor applications and harsh environments but can be used indoors as well. It can be laminated without issues. 
    CONS: Heavy. Higher cost than other substrates but with better performance. 
  3. Lamination
    Our mounted poster boards do not require lamination. You may want to laminate your poster board with our dry-erase ProScribe laminate if you want to be able to write on your poster. You can choose our GlareGuard laminate if you want to reduce glare, reflections and add durability to your displays.
  4. Upload Files
    We accept almost any image format and PDF files. Do not add crop marks or bleeds to your file. RGB color only. At 100% of the intended print size, set the DPI to no less than 150 and no more than 300.
  5. Notes / Requests
    Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or have any special requests. 
  6. Quantity
    Enter the total number of mounted prints you want to order. For example, if you upload one file and need three copies, enter 3. Likewise, if you upload three files and want one copy each, enter 3. If you want to order various quantities and sizes, click on "Add to Bag" and then on "Add More." When finished, click on "Go to Checkout" to review and pay for your order.

Wondering how you can hang your poster?

The easiest way to hang your Foam, Gator or Sintra poster board on the wall is to use Command Strips. You can use small decorative nails to attach your Sintra board to the wall. 

Shipping your graphics?

We provide free Ground shipping anywhere in the US for graphics printed on Sintra up to 24x36 inches. Depending on your location, delivery times range from one business day to 5 business days.